Desierto Azul is a dream come true for a Mexican-Italian family. Nilu and Fabrizio left behind their fast-paced routine to pursue a healthy and conscious lifestyle in Todos Santos.

«It was around 2015 when the idea of a more purposeful life arose», they recall «At that time we were living in San Francisco, California, and went through a big lifestyle change. We decided to start eating plant-based and more consciously, and saw such a positive impact in our life that we wanted to share that with others».

A few years later, they visited a cast-away town in Mexico, Todos Santos, and fell in love with its charm and beautiful surrounding nature. It didn’t take them too long to call Todos Santos home and walk the talk to share their life-changing experience with others. They got on a mission to create a conscious hospitality project centered on wholesome eating and sustainability. «Todos Santos felt like one of the few places left on Earth, where people can have a more conscious life. Its vibrant community, slow lifestyle, stunning nature, and tasty organic produce, surprised us. It was the perfect location for sharing our new purpose!».

Construction started the same month as the pandemic hit the globe. That did not stop them. A year and a half later in November 2021, Desierto Azul officially opened the boutique hotel: a 4-room-only, private, and curated venue. Fabrizio (Italian-born, husband, dad, and co-owner) followed the project from the design stage to the last finishings: «It was a dream come true, turning into reality my passion for interior design. A lot of thinking went into creating a venue that blends with the surroundings and brings to life a detoxifying experience».

By the end of 2022, Desierto Azul launched the Plant-Based Cooking Studio run by Nilu (Mexican-born, wife, mom, and co-owner), a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert. Her passion is to help people change their lifestyle by eating whole and healthier. She teaches plant-based cooking classes to locals and visitors every month. «The cooking studio is the heart and soul of Desierto Azul, the initial idea that sparked the creation of our hospitality project», she says.

The latest addition opened in September 2023: PanVero Whole Bakery & Elixirs, an extension of the cooking studio. This is Nilu’s dearest project: to offer a healthy baking option, 100% gluten-free and dairy-free. «The simple idea that anyone regardless of their food intolerance can show up and eat my baked goods without worries just fills my heart.  I only use whole ingredients, not processed, organic as much as possible.  This is the philosophy here»

Desierto Azul keeps growing consciously every day, offering a personalized, wholesome, plant-based, and sustainable experience, under the guidance of the owners. You can see them around almost every day, talking to a client or supporting the operation.

«We look forward to meeting new and recurrent customers and sharing our passion with the world».




This summer, make Todos Santos your vacation home to explore the Baja California peninsula, with its untouched beaches and dreamy desert setting!

Select a stay for 4 nights or longer when you book direct on our website. The promo price will automatically pop up including the 1 night discount. Enjoy!

Offer valid for the months of Jul-Aug-Sep 2024.


Natural, Nourishing, 100% gluten & dairy free. PanVero is for everyone. A healthy and allergen friendly option, made with whole ingredients, good oils and good fats!

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